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Dental Checkup

What actually happens at a General Dental Checkup?

The dentist only looked at my teeth for 5 mins and said I need ……”


The Dental Checkup and Care is THE MOST IMPORTANT procedure at the dentist. Prevention is always better than cure and at a General Dental Checkup, the dentist will comprehensively look at your whole mouth and not just focus on your teeth!

Our friendly and experienced dentists perform regular dental check-ups at Cheltenham dental clinic to maintain your teeth health.

A comprehensive General Dental Checkup consists of:

  • A Jaw assessment to evaluate any Temporo-Mandibular problems and disorders
  • A Soft tissue screening to check for any oral cancers or oral lesions
  • A Gingival assessment to check the health of your gums
  • A clinical and tactile examination of your teeth to assess how your teeth are going

There is only so much the eye can see, so it is highly recommended that at your General Dental Checkup, you get some Dental Radiographs to help further assess the condition of your teeth, roots and bones underneath your gums. There are a variety of Dental Radiographs to take and your dentist will choose which ones are best suited to examine which areas of concerns. Your dentist will always ask if it is okay to take Dental Radiographs first and sometimes may not even need to take any.


Once we have gathered all the necessary information, evaluated and explained to you the condition of your mouth, the dentist will formulate a plan to go ahead and ensure that your mouth is at its optimal condition, PAIN FREE AND HEALTHY.


I don’t have any problems/no pain with my teeth, do I still need to get a General Dental Checkup?


The biggest misconception with Dental Diseases is that no pain means disease free. Dental diseases are insidious in that when your start to get symptoms, it is already too late.


  • Tooth decay starts out small and then becomes a big hole
  • Plaque takes time to accumulate before becoming gum disease
  • Teeth break when the dentist is unable to monitor the cracks on your teeth
  • Toothaches occur when your teeth aren’t checked regularly by your dentist


Dental diseases in it’s early stages are often painless and cause no issue. But if left unattended, serious consequences can happen. If treated early, there will be no problems and usually early treatment is minimal treatment. Prevention is better than cure and neglect is expensive!


It is highly recommended you attend/book your regular 6 month General Dental Checkup so that the dentist can have a look and check for any potential troubles.