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Dental Fillings

What is a Dental Filling?

A Dental Filling is used to help treat dental decay for a tooth that has experienced tooth decay or a cavity. They help treat decay by preventing further spread and pain that can lead to a toothache if not placed in time.

Our dentists at Cheltenham dental clinic can diagnose if you need a dental filling. They can also treat dental decay or a cavity.

How do I know if I need a Dental Filling?

Your dentist is the best person to advise if you need a filling or not. There is a range of factors of why a tooth needs a filling and it is best for a Professional Dentist to assess it. However, some small signs you might need a filling include a hole, some sensitivity to cold, or food getting stuck when you are eating.

I have old silver Fillings, are they safe?

Old silver Fillings are Amalgam Restorations which are made from mercury. Traditionally, they were the “Gold Standard” but there has been a change to getting white tooth-colored fillings that are more suited for your tooth.


Your dentist will advise you if it is best to change the silver fillings or not and with what material to change it to depending on what is best suited for your tooth.

What materials are the Dental Filling made of?

There is a range of materials that a filling can be made of. Your dentist will go through with you the different types and discuss with you’re the optimal filling material for your tooth.


The most common type of filling material used is Composite Resin which is the tooth-colored filling and is the current “Gold Standard” filling material that can be used in most situations. It is safe, strong and looks nice as well!


However, if a large portion of your tooth is lost or there are cracks around your tooth, your dentist may instead advise you to get a crown or cap. Please consult with the dentist first if your tooth is suitable or not for a filling or a crown.

How long do Dental Fillings last?

Dental Fillings only last as long as how much you care for them. If you brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day and come to your dentist for your 6 monthly checkup and clean, they can last for a while. Your dentist will also be able to continue to assess the filling afterward and make sure you are taking care of it properly.

What is the procedure for a Dental Filling?

  1. WHY? – Your dentist will first explain and advise you of why you need a filling. They will also explain to you which material is best suited for your tooth along with the pros and cons of the material choice.
  2. LOCAL ANESTHETIC – Your dentist will then numb you up so that you don’t feel any pain throughout the procedure.
  3. DECAY – Your dentist will then remove all the decay from the tooth. Sometimes it is important to leave some decay over the nerve but this will be dependent on your situation.
  4. ETCH AND BOND – Your dentist will then clean the tooth thoroughly with a gel and prepare the tooth for the filling
  5. FILLING – Your dentist will then place the filling over the tooth to protect it.
  6. FINISHING AND POLISHING – Your dentist will then adjust the tooth to your bite and make it nice and smooth